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God is doing incredible things at the Potter’s Hand and we’d love to have you join us for Worship anytime! When Dr. Rumley and I first launched this church together a decade ago, we knew He was going to do something AWESOME here, but what has transpired far exceeds anything we could have hoped for!

At the Potter’s Hand, Worship is at the heart of everything we do. We realize that we were created to Worship Him and enjoy His presence forever and that is reflected not only in our Purpose Statement, but in all we strive to do. Our worship has been described with words such as: passionate, vibrant, authentic, relevant, uplifting and worshipful, but you really have to experience it to grasp it.

Our philosophy of worship is a little different from most churches.  We're modern, but not overly "trendy". We strive to be current, but not entertainment-focused. One word sums it up well for us: simplicity. Our God is simply awesome! If we present Him through the simplicity of the Gospel and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, then He is honored. Encountering His Word and His Presence as we sing is our goal. You won't find fog machines, pyrotechnics or laser-lights here. The precious Spirit of the Lord is enough. As Anne Graham Lotz says, "Just give me Jesus."

At the Potter's Hand, you're likely to hear everything from "Victory in Jesus" and "It Is Well" to "10,000 Reasons" or "Forever Reign". In our brief time together during worship each week, we encourage and model active participation, not passive spectator-based worship. That's why we love to have the whole congregation singing every song together to the Lord, rather than feature soloists or a choir singing, and the congregation merely watching. The Lord is our "audience of One" and the congregation forms His choir every time we get together to lift our voices to Him.

We know that God examines the heart, so dress whichever way helps you worship Him best, and arrive early enough to enjoy our free coffee and pastries every week @ 10:00am. Feel free to continue exploring our website and if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email me or call. I’d love to hear from you.

Love & Laughter - Bro. Matt

Worship Pastor
Dr. Matt Mitchell
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Worship Leadership Rehearsal

Led by Dr. Mitchell for all Worship Tech and the Potter’s Band. Rehearsal begins in the Worship Center Sundays at 8:00. for the Potter’s Band and Worship Tech. All Worship Leadership members are also invited for Prayer in the Pastor’s office at 10:05.

All Worship Leadership is expected to support and adhere to the Church Covenant for Membership.

The Potter’s Band

The Potter’s Band is a dedicated, skilled group of musicians who provide the instrumental foundation for our Worship times together. Psalm 33:3 admonishes us to “Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.” We try to do just that! The process to become a member of the Potter’s Band is an interview and audition with the Worship Pastor.

Instrumentalists must be able to rehearse every Sunday Morning at 8:00am. Led by Dr. Mitchell.


Worship Tech (Visual)

Our Worship Tech Team is a vital and integral part of the Worship Arts Ministry at the Potter’s Hand. The Visual side of the Worship Tech Team handles everything from Sermon notes, announcement slides and Power Point lyrics, to downloading Worship & sermon illustration videos. They also program the intelligent (moving) lights to compliment the Worship Services and much more.

Worship Tech (Audio)

The Audio side of our Worship Tech Team handles the mixing of our Monitor and House sound levels. In addition to overseeing the sound levels, they mix the Potter’s Band, vocalists, guest musicians and more. The process to become a member of the Worship Tech Team is an interview with the Worship Pastor followed by several weeks of hands-on training by our Team.


Worship Singers

The goal of a Worship Singer is to simply model what it means to actively and passionately worship the Living God, and provide back-up vocals and harmonies to the Worship Leader. At the Potter's hand, we use one back-up soloist each week, on a rotating basis. The upcoming soloists are announced in the Worship Set email sent out weekly. The process to become a Worship Singer on the platform is an interview with the Worship Pastor.

Drama & Interpretive

At the Potter’s Hand, we believe in expressing our Worship in various and creative ways. From time to time we will feature a drama, a signing group or even write our own interpretive “Drama without Words” for Mission Trips or Sunday Worship times. Anyone who has an interest in this form of Worship Arts can participate by letting your interest be known to the Worship Pastor.


Weddings, Funerals, Special Events

Like all churches, the Potter’s Hand is here to support you during times of celebration or grief. The Worship Arts Ministry will be happy to help you choose your wedding music, supply a list of Instrumentalists, and secure a trained technician to assist with your sound system requirements. Music can also be a source of comfort for bereavement, and our Worship Pastor can help you choose the right selections for such a time. For Wedding Packets or more information, please contact Bro. Matt.

Soloists, Duets, Quartets & More

From time to time we will feature a soloist, duet, quartet, or maybe even an instrumental solo during our worship times. If you feel led to explore this avenue and are gifted in this area, please let the Worship Pastor know. We’d be happy to work with you and help you use your talents for His glory! All vocalists wishing to sing solos, duets etc. must be a member of the Worship Singers that help lead worship on Sunday Mornings.