I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.  3 John 1:4


Potter's Hand Preschool exists to provide a safe, nurturing, and Christ-Centered environment where our children can explore, create, and discover.


Potter's Hand Preschool is a ministry of the Potter's Hand Bible Church and is based on the belief that all children are a gift from God and are created for a purpose.  We believe children learn by doing, so we provide hands-on developmentally-appropriate learning experiences that encourage exploring and creating.  Knowing each child and his or her specific needs is at the forefront of designing our program.  We implement the curriculum in a way that propels children to enjoy learning while promoting confidence and self-esteem.  We are committed to serving families in our community with a quality program that nourishes each child's spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social growth in a safe and fun environment.  A partnership with parents is crucial to a child's educational success and therefore strong communication between teachers and parents is very important to us.  We are devoted to modeling God's love in all that we do, teaching Christian principles, and nurturing a child's love for learning.


  1. Share God's love through our words and actions

  2. Be a source of strength to families in our community

  3. Equip children to develop their God-given gifts

  4. Help children develop  a love for learning, increase social and communication skills, and create great habits

  5. Develop gross and fine motor skills using various proven techniques and play

  6. Help children to share and care for others

  7. Encourage problem-solving skills through independent thinking

  8. Build oral and listening skills

  9. Increase participation in play, singing, cooking, dramatic play, literacy, and creative experiences

  10. Help create good habits of health and safety

  11. Build early reading and writing skills including letter recognition, letter sound matching, and ideas of printing

  12. Build early math skills including number recognition, counting, and patterns

  13. Recognize play as our main device for teaching our children

Registration Information 2021-2022 School Year

First Day is September 7th


Registration is now open! A $100 non-refundable registration fee along with the completed registration form must be turned in to secure a spot.  If a spot is not given, the fee will be returned or check shredded.  The child will be placed on a waiting list and parents notified if a spot becomes available.

                                                                 Classes Offered:                                                                 


2 Year Old Class (must be 2 by August 1st)

Mon - Thur; Mon, Wed, Fri; 

3 Year Old Class (must be 3 by August 1st)

M-F or M,W,F or T, Th

4 Year Old Class (must be 4 by August 1st)

M-F or M,W,F or T, Th


Preschool classroom hours are 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

There is no carpool.


Drop-off and Pick-Up will be at the designated entrance for each age group.


Monthly Tuition Rates:


2 Day Class


3 Day Class


5 Day Class



Tuition is due the 1st of each month beginning September 1st, 2020

and will be due each month by the 1st with a late fee of $10.00 added after the 5th



School Supplies Needed:





Snack Fee of $50 for year

(can be split per semester: $25 in August, $25 in January)


Water bottle


Change of season-appropriate clothes, including extra socks & shoes


$100 supply fee for year

(can be split per semester: $50 in August, $50 in January)

Tours and a meeting with the director, LeAnn Barton, can be scheduled for Tuesday - Friday from 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM, depending upon availability. 

Call or Text 919-924-9189


or email leannbarton@gmail.com

Interested in teaching or assisting? Let us know!

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