"You and Me Forever"
A small group study for married couples
Led by: Eliot & LeAnn Barton
*Limited seats available!

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm
Begins September 14th

"You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity" will radically shift the way we see one of the most important relationships

in our life.


Jesus was right. We have it all backwards. The way to have a great marriage is by not focusing on marriage. "You and Me Forever" will help you discover the adventure that you were made for and learn how to thrive in it.

Financial Peace University
Led by: Catharine 
and John

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm
Begins September 14th
"What Does It Mean
to Be Chosen?"

Led by: Courtney Holland

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm
Begins September 14th

What does it actually mean to be Chosen? To answer that question, we're going Old school-Testament that is-which leads us back to the New. Which always leads us directly to Jesus.


This interactive study for Season 1 of The Chosen allows you to delve more deeply into each episode as you explore the life of Jesus. You'll come to realize that you are called, cherished, and carried; have been made new and established; are now his witness; and more. 

A Study of the
Book of Romans

Led by: Pastor Bill

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm
Begins September 14th

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